Phoenix Rising Tong Lau Transformation

Witnessing the Rebirth of a Tong Lau

Interior Renovation Challenge - Tong Lau Transformation Project in Hong Kong 

Gathering Area with Custom Marble Counter Top 


Unit Type: Mixed Used

Location: Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Completion Date: 2023


Project Scope: Demolition, Full Electrical Rewiring, Full Plumbing Rehab, Flooring, Tiling, Facade Renovation, Waterproofing, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Lighting Installation, AC Installation, Window & Door Installation, Furniture Fit Out, Project Management 


Demolition Works of Existing Walls, Doors, Windows


In the heart of a bustling city, where time folds upon itself like ancient scrolls, stands a silent sentinel – a Tong Lau. In this project a Tong Lau is transformed from a dilapidated space, until a high yielding rental unit. Its dilapidated facade, weathered by decades of sun and monsoon, whispers tales of families, laughter, and lives unfolding within its worn walls. But history isn't static, and beneath the peeling paint and creaking floorboards, a new symphony is about to be composed. Welcome to the transformation of the Phoenix, a metamorphosis orchestrated by respect for the past and a yearning for the future.

Step through the grand entrance, no longer guarded by chipped stone lions and metal gates, but bathed in the welcoming glow of modern lighting. The intricate plasterwork above, once obscured by shadows, is now meticulously restored, its floral motifs dancing in the gentle light. Gone are the narrow, labyrinthine corridors; in their place, airy walkways embrace the building's central courtyard, now transformed into a verdant oasis with cascading vines and trickling water. The rhythmic clatter of mahjong tiles has faded, replaced by the whispered conversations of young professionals in a serene co-working space, sunlight streaming through cleverly integrated skylights.


Building a New Wall 


Ascend the restored staircase, its original bannisters polished to a warm gleam, and discover the beating heart of this reinvented space – the apartments. No longer cramped and dimly lit, these havens have opened their eyes to the world. Walls have been replaced with expansive windows, framing breathtaking cityscapes and flooding the interiors with natural light. Timber beams, once mere structural elements, are now exposed, their weathered elegance adding a touch of rustic charm to the minimalist design. Modern kitchens, boasting sleek appliances and granite countertops, sit cheek-by-jowl with vintage tiles salvaged from the original floor, whispering stories of shared meals and family gatherings. Bedrooms, once tucked away like secrets, have blossomed into sanctuaries of comfort. Plush beds rest on polished wooden floors, while calming colors and subtle lighting invite rejuvenation.

But the pulse of the Tong Lau transcends mere bricks and mortar. It lives on in the open garden, now a vibrant social hub for its guests. Imagine BBQs with friends, laughter echoing amidst the sky-kissing skyscrapers, and children playing amidst the fragrant garden. 

This transformation is not merely a facelift; it's a resurrection. It honors the legacy of the Tong Lau, weaving its rich history into the fabric of the modern world. It's a testament to the resilience of tradition, to the ability of old stories to find new voices. It's a love letter to a forgotten era, now reborn to sing a fresh melody in the city's symphony.

So, step into the reimagined Phoenix, and prepare to be astonished. Witness the phoenix rising from the ashes of time, its wings ablaze with possibility. Here, the past and present are not adversaries, but companions in a magnificent dance. This is not just a building; it's a living chronicle, a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of memory, innovation, and community. This is the story of a Tong Lau reborn, ready to welcome a new generation to its heart.