Our Story

What is furniture? When you google the definition of furniture, it is or they are simply described as "movable articles that are used to make a room suitable for living or working in such as tables, chairs, or desks" or "the small accessories or fittings that are required for a particular task or function." The definition is reduced down to its basic function. However, throughout time furniture has progressed to become an ever present defining presence in our home. They have evolved to become icons in our home. From centrepiece sofas to extravagant marble dining tables. Furniture has evolved. They mould how we live and create an environment that defines our space and ultimately what it looks like.




Furniture is much more than function and has the power to represent how we live or want to live everyday. At Lockford Furniture & Interiors our goal is to provide a platform that curates the best furniture trending now to make every aspect of your interior beautiful. Lockford Furniture & Interiors has been in the business for nearly two decades and its team is comprised of real designers that understand space & real product production. We work with real companies and designers to find solutions & products for a range of sectors in the industry ranging from hospitality to the end user. 



Lockford Team