Our Story

From Craft to Comfort: Crafting Furniture & Interiors that Tell Your Story

More than just furniture, we build sanctuaries. At Lockford Furniture & Interiors, we're not just architects of space, we're architects of life, weaving furniture and interior design into stories that resonate with your soul. Our journey began not in blueprints, but in the heart of craftsmanship, passed down through generations who whispered tales into wood and carved dreams into sunlight.

A Legacy of Storytelling: Our ancestors weren't just carpenters, they were artists, imbuing pieces with the warmth of shared meals and the laughter of generations. This heritage isn't just wood and nails; it's the spirit woven into every curve, the soul whispered in every grain. As the city rose around us, we didn't just build, we translated – translating the whispers of the forest into the rhythm of concrete, the warmth of hearth into the glow of city lights. Buildings became more than structures; they became tapestries of human dreams.

From Cityscapes to Homes: Now, we bridge the gap between urban skylines and intimate havens. We understand the city's hum, but also the longing for spaces that resonate with the quiet joys of everyday life. In every handcrafted piece, in every curated space, we offer havens for the heart, where comfort dances with functionality and beauty whispers your unique story.

Beyond Function, Beyond Form: Forget cookie-cutter designs and forget-me-not furniture. We collaborate with you, unraveling the threads of your dreams, your family's laughter, your cherished moments. We listen to the rhythm of your life and translate it into a symphony of space, where every piece speaks your language, where every corner hums with your joy.

From Sun-drenched Kitchens to Serene Studios: We craft more than furniture; we build sanctuaries of laughter, playgrounds of creativity, nests of peace. From the sun-drenched kitchen where family feasts erupt to the hushed study where dreams take flight, we create spaces that flex with your evolving needs, whispering stories of your journey.

A Promise Woven in Wood and Light: Lockford Furniture & Interiors isn't just a name; it's a promise. We promise to:

Craft furniture and interiors that tell your story.
    Translate your dreams into spaces that resonate with the latest trends.
      Prioritize comfort and functionality without sacrificing optimal aesthetics.

        Collaborate with you, making the design process a joyful journey.

        Build not just houses, but homes – havens where life unfolds in perfect harmony.




          Furniture is much more than function and has the power to represent how we live or want to live everyday. At Lockford Furniture & Interiors our goal is to provide a platform that curates the best furniture trending now to make every aspect of your interior beautiful. Lockford Furniture & Interiors has been in the business for nearly two decades and its team is comprised of real designers that understand space & real product production. We work with real companies and designers to find solutions & products for a range of sectors in the industry ranging from hospitality to the end user. 


          Lockford Design Team