Feng Shui Basics - Understanding the Cycles

Feng Shui Basics - Understanding the Cycles

Period 9 Feng Shui Basics - Understanding the Cycles


Feng Shui, especially Feng Shui in Hong Kong plays an important role in creating balance and energy in our everyday spaces. Are you ready for the year of the Yang Wood Dragon? The Yang Wood Dragon (Jia Chen) will take place from 10 February 2024 to 28 January 2025. 


There are 9 periods of Feng Shui. These are in fact minor cycles. Each minor cycle period lasts 20 years. Quite a long time for a minor cycle? Most of us will have already lived for at least 3 minor cycles. Our parents and grandparents even longer!


Upper Major Cycle

Period 1 from 1864-1883

Period 2 from 1884-1903

Period 3 from 1904-1923


Middle Major Cycle

Period 4 from 1924-1943

Period 5 from 1944-1963

Period 6 from 1964-1983


Lower Major Cycle

Period 7 from 1984-2003

Period 8 from 2004-2023

Period 9 from 2024-2043


We are now entering the Lower Major Cycle in the 9th Period. There will be changes that will alter the way Feng Shui is represented in Period 8 which is now versus Period 9 starting from next year. The layout, positioning of construction element, renovations and furniture placement will all be key to create a harmonious balance for 2024 and the years to follow. Stay tuned for more of Lockford Furniture & Interiors Feng Shui Renovation & Furniture Tips and Subscribe to Our Newsletter!

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