Haunted Places in Hong Kong You Never Knew About

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East Town Theatre

Hong Kong Island Hong Kong

Created By: Hong Kong Baptist University (GFHC 1045)


East Town Theatre was a close down cinema. The theatre opened on the site of a demolished funeral parlor. Now, it has been rebuilt as East Town Building. East Town Theatre is located at the junction of Lockhart Road and Fenwick Street, in Wan Chai. The theatre was a 1300 seat gorgeous theatre. It was the first luxurious theatre in Wan Chai district after World War II. The owner of the theatre was the Hotung family of Hong Kong.

East Town Theatre opened in 1964 and closed in 1974. It has appeared a lot of urban tales and rumors have since they opened. Thus, it was closed after 10 years. Many people believed the theatre was haunted because the predecessor of East Town Theatre was a funeral parlor.

This point of interest is part of the tour: Ghost Tour, A journey of excitement and understanding



Haunted! The Most Haunted Apartment Complexes 

1) The Coronation, 1號 Yau Cheung Rd, Yau Ma Tei

2023 August 2 - South Korean jumps to her death 


2017 September 4 - Husband-Wife Double suicide



2) The Harbourside, Kowloon Station 

2022 May 30 - Girl dies in pool when parents & lifeguard are nearby


2020 October 3 - Man jumps to his death


2013 March 18 - Wife tries to beheads husband, then jumps to her death into the pool



3) Cullinan West, Tower 7, Nam Cheong Station 

2023 May 2 - Mother and 5 year old son double suicide