Returns & Exchanges

Most of our items are made to order. In most cases we are unable to cancel an order after the item has begun production. If your item has begun production and cannot be modified while it is production,  then we will be unable to cancel or modify the order. In some cases if an item can be salvaged we can offer a store credit with restocking or reproduction fees. 

When your order is delivered, the end user must inspect and sign for the items received. At the point of delivery it is your responsibility to check the items. We do our best to check every item before it is delivered, but sometimes things happen because our products are large and get transported together with large products. For large items there may be several people handling the product at a time and we really do our best to make sure your product arrives as safe as possible. In the rare case that your order arrives damaged or defected then we will replace your order free of charge on the condition that you notify us at delivery. Call us right away and document the damage and we will arrange the replacement as soon as possible.

We are unable to offer a replacement or exchange after you have signed for your products affirming your items have arrived in satisfactory condition. Therefore, if you have a third party receiving your item(s) (i.e. domestic helper, child, aunt, uncle, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, grandparents, driver, maid, nanny, interior designer, architect, contractor), by purchasing with us you are giving that third party the right to accept the condition of your product. If you are unable to give the third party the rights to accept your goods we can store your products up to 30 days free of charge until you are able to do so. Accidents happen and as a result we are unable to make replacements if damage occurs to your items after they have been delivered and signed for.