Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa, often just referred to as a "sectional", is formed from multiple sections (typically two, three, and four) and usually includes at least two pieces which join at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater, used to wrap around walls or other furniture. Popular sectional sofa types include l-shaped, u-shaped, corner sectional sofa and chaise sectional sofas. The sectional sofa is one of the most practical pieces of upholstered furniture for any modern living room. Thanks to the many different pieces that can make up a typical sectional collection, the sectional sofa is a truly versatile piece of furniture that can be configured to suit any space. The parts include armrest and single chair pieces, corner wedges, and chaise lounges. With so many choices at Lockford Furniture, you can choose the best style and configuration of sectional sofa that fits your room size and layout.