Lockford is always on the lookout for versatile talent with expertise in administration, logistics, & design. Ideal candidates will be able to work on a multivalent projects and are adaptable and able to learn new things from manufacturing to customer service.  

Positions Available 

  • Sales Assistants & Associates
  • Administrative Staff
  • Marketing 
  • Graphic Designers
  • Interior Design
  • Delivery & Distribution

Staff Benefits at Lockford

  • Competitive salary
  •  Staff purchase privileges 
  • Double Pay & Discretionary Bonus and/or Incentives for Full Time Workers
  • Flexible working schedules, choose part time, 5 day, 5/6 day or 6 day work weeks
  • Overtime pay at 1.5x, double pay during worked statutory public holidays

Working Requirements

  •  Fluency in written and spoken English, Cantonese & Putonghua 
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Independent, versatile, charistmatic 
  • Ability to work independently or with others
  • Degree in design a plus but not required
  • HKID Holder

Send us your CV, relevant work samples in JPG format, letters of reference under 5mb to [email protected]